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    crowdfunding update #3

    Thanks to your support, we’ve just crossed the 10,000 euro goal!

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    crowdfunding update #2

    Over this past week, funding took a giant leap thanks to the support of you, my upbeat backers -including two main sponsors who I will be working closely together with next year. It’s fascinating to see this project take shape -like an out of space adventure.

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    crowdfunding update #1

    So thank you everyone who already pre-ordered, for holding me and this project up! You pushed the funding to almost 1/5 after just 5 days! I can feel your hands and arms and strength and your love.

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  • innerpreneurship Kickstarte movie

    Kickstarter campaign is LIVE!

    OMG: my first Kickstarter campaign JUST went live! Pre-order my upcoming book, check out some sweet rewards -and please share if you dig.

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  • making or breaking a habit

    On Habit Making (and Breaking)

    What makes or breaks a habit? Here are the two insights I got after talking to New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin. (warning: it will burst your mindfulness bubble)

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  • Illustration_at_page_201_in_Europa's_Fairy_Book

    Let’s hear from YOU, innerpreneur(ista)!

    I’ve been talking about innerpreneur on this blog for some months now -and it’s time to pass the mic.

    Let me know what’s on your beautiful mind: what’s not working in your work-life, or not working the way you want it to?

    Over the next months, I will shine a light on your subject and open up the conversation.

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    The Problem with Being Right

    I innerpreneur-relapsed last week when I posted a fiery comment on social media about one of Holland’s most explosive issues. Here’s what I learned:

    I’m a hot-headed redhead with a temper. But what I love even more than being right is being free.

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  • Maegan

    My Fav Innerpreneurs: Maegan Melissa Honeybee

    “Booty Slaps and Love”

    Anyone who pulls off wearing a neon pink wig holding a fairy magic wand while connecting a group of women to their truest selves deserved my deep respect.

    All-round healer-DJ-life artist Maegan Melissa can. Meet one of my favorite being on Earth.

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  • let's wander where the wifi is weak

    Do you Long to Unplug?

    Ever feel lost in cyberspace? Troubled by the amount of life-time you spend staring at a screen?

    It’s becoming increasingly important for me to log out periodically. Being connected to myself regularly requires not being connected online. Even if it fans my FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) – that nervous generational stalker.

    In this post I share why I take the right to unplug very seriously. And some how’s to go with it.

    What are your tips for protecting mind-estate? Join this wild West conversation and let us know what works for you!

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Yup. I’m going the whole nine-innerpreneur-yards.


The crowdfund campaign for my upcoming book Innerpreneurship: Working your Life in 21 Ways will go live on Kickstarter on November 18, 2015. Leave me your digital address, and I’ll inform you once we’re up!


Dutch audience: Innernemerschap: 21 Manieren om Werk te Maken van je Leven zal ook beschikbaar worden in het Nederlands. Laat me je op de hoogte houden.







Back me up and be informed about the Innerpreneurship Crowdfunding Project starting November 18!


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